Month: July 2012

… and it’s over

Air France A319 nose… and it’s over. Oh well. End of my “holidays”, a quick 4-day trip to a small town next to Marseille. In my 4 days, I made the most of it; swimming, relaxing, getting a ridiculously small tan, but a tan nevertheless. I leave behind me Lolo and ElĂ©na, who are still on holidays, and will be for another week.

During the 4 days, I’ve been blasted by heat (something Nantes didn’t have before I left), a quiet and calm surrounding, where only the crickets could be heard. There weren’t that many campers, so swimming wasn’t really a problem, and yes, I managed to “swim” with my daughter, even if that meant gaving her on my shoulders, or on my chest while she used me as a surf board. She is too small to really have the swim reflex, but she did enjoy the water, even if she was cautious.

The flight back was nice, and even if I’m not really known for my luck (aviation has never really been that nice to me), it was a very pleasant flight. I managed to take some photos on the way, but it wasn’t really possible on the return flight. Still, I had a window seat both ways, so I made the most of it, looking down on the Nantes cityscape on our final approach. Sooner or later the airport will be moved, but I’m not looking forward to that, the airport is going to be further away. Right now I’m about 15 minutes away, in a nce calm sector. Very calm. Too calm. I’m on my own. Tomorrow I start work, again. I need to sleep.