Hello world!

“Hello world!”. It’s amazing how often that phrase has been used. As a developer, I’ve seen it often as a way to show that a program works, and even in embedded systems, “Hello world!” is still a great way of showing that everything works. So yes, I’ll leave the default WordPress title of “Hello world!”, it does suit the situation.

Yesterday, a friend contacted me, and asked me what was wrong with my site. I wasn’t worried, since he made a mistake with the URL, but when he sent me a screenshot, I got worried. It wasn’t a DNS problem, it had the logo of my provider, and an interesting “Welcome to your default website” on the same page. I fired up a new tab, entered the Packetfury URL, and I was welcomed with the same screen. Not a great start to the day.

Long story short, I installed an Exchange server a few days ago, and to do that, I needed to change my DNS settings. I still don’t know what went wrong, but everything was pointing to the wrong place. So, why didn’t I just reset the server settings, and reinstall what I had? I could have, and I almost did, but I have been having problems with Packetfury for some time now. It used to run on a previous version of Joomla, and was no longer supported. The irony is that I had just updated from version 1 to version 2, and a few months later, version 2 was end of life. Attempts to update to version 3 crashed everything, forcing me to reinstall. I figured that the problem came from the multi-language component of Joomla, but I didn’t have time to look further. Now that I have a chance to redo everything, I looked, and Joomla 3 even comes with a multi-lingual component, simplifying things.

Okay, so that’s all about Joomla, but what about WordPress? Well, Joomla never did what I wanted it to do as far as blogging was concerned, so now I have the best of both worlds. WordPress will be used for the blog, on a separate domain, and the original Packetfury will still be there as a collection of notes and development documents.

So yes, I can now say, “Hello world!”.

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