Finally out of bed

A while ago, I caught something that looked a lot like a flu, but wasn’t one. It’s the season; my four year old daughter goes to school, and at that age, they seem to collect and exchange just about every single illness possible. So that’s what she did; she caught a flu-like illness, brought it home, and gave it to everyone. Parents will know what I’m talking about.

Now, quite a few people think that flu-like illness is the same as a flu. It isn’t. I had a slight fever for a day or two, I coughed, I had a runny nose, but I could still get some work done. Not 100%, but the advantage of working from home is to be able to do the hours I want. I slept a little in the afternoon, went to work later, and stopped later. That lasted a little over a week.

When I finally got rid of the flu-like illness, I was tired. Very tired. I could get up, I could work, but I was tired. I suppose that wasn’t really the right time to catch the flu, the real one.

This is the first time I’ve been able to pick up a laptop and write anything, please be indulgent.

The flu this year looks hard. I’ve had it for over two weeks, and it still isn’t close to being over. The fever has dropped, but it went up to 40.8°, and it takes a lot of energy to heat up 100 Kg of James to that temperature. That was during the day, but the worst part is that the nights were worse. I can survive being ill, and even with a fever at over 40°, I didn’t call the priest, not even once.

Whenever I’m ill, I normally sleep, as much as possible. I’ll take a few pills, but the best medicine for me is sleep. I’m a lucid dreamer, and while I don’t do it every night, if I need to, I control my dreams to make sure that I work on something at night, or simply make sure I don’t have nightmares. Imagine my frustration when that wasn’t possible.

A while ago, I watched The Martian. I liked that film, but I still have to see Neil deGrasse Tyson’s comments on it. During one night’s “sleep”, I relived Watney’s rescue (if you haven’t watched the film, spoiler alert). At the beginning, everyone has their job to do; navigation, rescue, secondary rescue, pilot, etc. So, for an entire night, I relived Watney’s rescue, from the perspective of a different crew-member. It was kind of fun the first time, but the sleep cycle itself lasted something like 40 minutes, and then another 40 minutes to be able to sleep again, and once again, the same film, the same moment, and from a different crew-member. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t control the dream, and I couldn’t change the subject, or any detail. That was a very interesting night…

My sleep pattern has slowly returned to what it was, or close enough. Last night, I managed to sleep all night; I did wake up a few times, but I was able to go back to sleep quickly enough. From that point on, I know that I’m winning, and that I’ll soon be back on my feet, even if it might take a few weeks to get back to something like 100%.


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