Apple vs Windows?

Before I even start, no, this isn’t a request for a flame war. I’m passionate about my work, but highly tolerant about choice and differences. Actually, I like having several systems, it keeps competition on its toes, and no, I don’t think that any system is better than another, not for everything, at least.

So, what’s with the title? Well, I’m considering a switch. I’ve used and loved Linux, but for my line of work, I just can’t. The other day, I was invited to a conference, and I had to install a Skype for Business plug-in that just doesn’t work for Linux (well, actually, it didn’t work for Window either, the client had to switch conference tools, but anyway, details). My clients use Microsoft Office, and to be honest, as a Linux fan, Microsoft Office just rocks. I’ve never used anything that comes close, and all my clients use it, so I do too. Now, Office works on Windows and MacOS.

So, why the switch? Aren’t I comfortable with Windows? Actually, I am. I kind of like Windows 10. I loved 7, and 8 was just too much of a change for me. I really do like Windows 10. I also like MacOS, even if I haven’t used it for quite some time. I went to the Apple Store a while ago with my girlfriend to get her brand new iPhone, and I had a quick look at the different computers. It reminded me of something that I loved and miss – Time machine. I haven’t found anything that comes close.

I like Macs. I’m not a huge fan of the aluminium exterior, but I am a fan of their solidity. Yes, they are more expensive, and before people start with the “with the price of a Mac, you could buy two Windows systems”, yes, I am aware of that, but one, I’ve rarely seen anything built as solidly, and second, Mac computers retain a fairly large portion of their initial investment; you can sell it a few years later for a decent amount.

I use two systems daily, and three systems at least weekly. I have a heavy desktop, it runs an i7 with 32Gb of RAM; that is where I do my video editing, virtual machines and other heavy work. My laptop is also an i7, with 16Gb of RAM, and I use one or two virtual machines. It is basically my desktop when I’m out of the office. It works, it actually works very well, but it isn’t quite as comfortable as the desktop, and it only has one screen, the desktop has three. Then there is the ultraportable, an 11″ Sony Vaio Pro, an i5 with 4Gb or RAM. This is used solely for writing, I don’t do any editing, recording or virtual machines. All three make up my workforce.

So I still haven’t answered the question; why switch? My desktop computer is lagging behind, and needs an upgrade… While I’m at it, I might as well upgrade to a Xeon platform, possibly with two CPUs. Hence, a look at the Mac Pro. I don’t really have time to fiddle any more, and the idea of a guarantee does sound nice. Apple has some awesome video editing programs, and Time Machine is definitely a plus. So, advantages:

  • Nice new hardware designed to last
  • Apple Care that goes with it
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Time Machine
  • UNIX command line for Python programming

There are, however, downsides:

  • Missing out on quite a few Steam pruchases
  • Expensive!

The problem with me is that if I change one system, I change them all. If I have MacOS on one computer, I don’t want Linux on another, and Windows on a third, I want them to be all the same. I want to have the same desktop no matter which system I use. I’ve been to the Apple Store, and I got an estimate. It’s expensive, I will admit, and it is probably only just the start, but I can see quite a few advantages to switching.

What do you think?

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